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“Bali is a sunshade with an umbrella mechanism and as part of the design we wanted to highlight the mechanisms and the structure that other sunshades hide.” – Odosdesign –

The Bali sunshade is a designer umbrella with a galvanized steel base and thermo-lacquered aluminium sections, and is available in white, anodized, sand and bronze. The way that the different finishes, the colours of the fabric and the structure all match together invites you to customize it as you wish.

This sober and contemporarily designed sunshade was inspired by the thatched roofs of traditional Balinese architecture and their symbiotic relationship with the landscape. The simplicity of its design makes this a natural addition to any terrace or contract project.

Bali is an original design by Odosdesign for GANDIABLASCO.


102" WIDE BY 90" HIGH