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The Bite modular sun lounger system is a stylish way to combine versatility with utility. Each module can be purchased separately and can be used as a sun bed or sofa component. Great for entertaining and spaces where versatility is key. 

Made exclusively from Sunbrella fabrics, making them perfect for a long outdoor life. Unlike most cloth, Sunbrella fabric is made from fibres that are dyed before they are woven – this gives a deeper colour, with every yarn coloured to the core. The resultant fabric can be left outdoors for many years without suffering the fading and abrasions that plague other fabrics. 

All foam and cushions used are custom designed with a wide-cell structure to maximise airflow, allowing the furniture to dry quickly, without trapping pockets of water. The antimicrobial treatment that every piece undergoes prevents the build-up of bacteria that can cause nasty smells. 

Can be left outside year round, and cleaned using mild bleach and warm water.