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Posted by Jason Tilton on Aug 7th 2017

Ceiling Ideas: 4 Coffered Ceiling Styles

Does your ceiling not reflect the style of your home? Maybe you've grown tired of a textureless, flat ceiling? The perfect solution to a plain ceiling isn't a fresh coat of paint, but instead a coffered ceiling facelift. On this infographic below, Jason Tilton of Tilton Coffered Ceilings tells us everything about coffered ceilings.

Coffered ceilings have come a long way and are no longer limited to one design. Here are 4 different types of styles you can choose from.


Traditional coffered ceilings are the most common style. This design consists of either a square or rectangular grid pattern. Decorative crown molding is installed within each coffer (the recessed portion of each "box"). This style is very simplistic but also quite versatile. For more dramatic effect it can be painted a contrasting color.


Geometric coffered ceilings are made very similarly to traditional coffered ceilings, in the sense that are are made of box beams with molding in each coffer. The difference? Geometric coffered ceilings aren't squares/rectangles, but instead are triangles, hexagons, octagons, or any other geometric shape. This is very unique look, but one that can still look very nice in a residential home.


Rustic coffered ceilings are big and beautiful. Most often homeowners choose distressed or rough sawn wood lumber to make the square or rectangular grids for this design. Rustic coffered ceilings do not use molding or box beams. Despite rustic being in the name, this style is still quite flexible thanks to the power of paint.


A more modern approach to the rustic coffered ceiling is the contemporary style. Contemporary coffered ceilings are the minimalistic approach to these types of ceilings. These consists of thinners beams and often a very large pattern with few grids within it. Contemporary ceilings are usually lumber that is then wrapped in drywall, making the finished product fit seamlessly to the ceiling.

The coffered ceiling installation is faster and easier than many realize, making it an ideal weekend project. If you want to make a dramatic impact, without a low of downtime, a coffered ceiling is a great way to go.