Office Colors! Inspirations for your home office.

Feb 22nd 2017

5 Color Inspirations for Your Home Office

Color impacts you every day of your life. Whether you’re working or relaxing, the color that you surround yourself with can have a powerful effect on your mood and your productivity levels. Therefore, when the time comes to paint your home office, you may want to put some consideration into the color you choose for your walls. Not only that, but the colors you choose for your lighting, furnishings, and even flooring should be given equal weight as well.

Wall Colors

You may have noticed that many commercial workspaces tend to stay away from very dark or bold wall colors. In many cases this may be because dark or bold colors like red have a tendency to be distracting, particularly in the workplace.

Instead, opt for more soothing tones for your home office. For example, blue is an excellent color for deadline driven workspaces, while shades of gray and off white are good for helping to prevent eye fatigue. If you want to introduce something a little bolder into your office design, try doing so as accents and accessories and keep the wall color to something lighter or more neutral to create a backdrop for the room.


Hardwood flooring materials have a built in range of natural colors and tones that are ideal for office spaces. Many studies recently conducted by Harvard have found that commercial office spaces that include lots of natural color and material have a positive effect on the people who work there, and the same may be true of home offices as well.

Therefore, you may want to consider opting for a hardwood floor in a mid-tone stain. Look for a floor that has an even grain like maple to avoid the flooring getting too busy or dark. Mid-range colors for floors work well with a variety of other colors in the room, including neutrals and bolder accents, so you can change up the other colors in the space whenever you feel the need.

Add Some Greens

You can’t go wrong with adding some green to your office design, especially if it comes in the form of plant life. Bringing some nature into your office can have a positive effect on your mood, while many plants can help detoxify and clean the air of your office at the same time, making it healthier as well. In fact, many commercial office designs are beginning to incorporate plants in several ways from simple planters to living walls that showcase multiple types of plants growing vertically up to the ceilings.

If you want to take this a step further, consider Pantone’s 2017 color of the year - Greenery - and incorporate an accent wall of this color in your office to pick up on the tones of the plants and help liven up the colors in the room even more.


Most people don’t think much about the color of their lighting, but LED bulbs actually come in a range of colors, including true or natural light, as well as the warmer shades most people associate with incandescent bulbs.

While natural light sources are always best, if you need to supplement the lighting in your home office, consider opting for full spectrum or true light bulbs. Full spectrum lights most closely mimic the color of daylight or natural light from the outdoors. They can help alleviate some of the problems that people may have working indoors at all hours, and are the same type of bulb that are used inside light boxes used to help combat problems such as seasonal depression. By switching out the light bulbs in your home office for true light, the other colors in the room will also likely look brighter and truer as well.


Office furniture has come a long way in recent years, with more colors and choices available than ever before. While your walls may be better off neutral and your floors may look better with hardwood flooring materials, your furniture is one place where you may want to have some fun and introduce a little color into your office design.

Using a few pieces of furniture featuring bold colors in your design can make the entire room more interesting and visually pleasing. For example, if you have guest chairs or a conversation area, this is the place to try out a bold red, provided that your desk faces away from this area.

Other ideas include painting wall shelves a saturated color such as yellow as well as investing in filing cabinets or storage bins in bright colors to introduce some variety into the room’s scheme.

If you plan on using a wood desk or other furniture, try matching the darkest color of the grain in your hardwood floors to get a cohesive look in the room, without getting too matchy in the wood tones.

Color Your Office

The best part of home office design is the ability you have to make it personal to your tastes. Include as much or as little color as you like to help create the ideal work environment in your home.