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The Contour Story

Contour’s revealing and elegant open framed architecture captures warm LED illumination within a remarkably slender extruded aluminum structure.  Intelligent and highly efficient, Contour’s minimalist design has been refined to the bare essentials, creating a rich interior space for your personal belongings while providing an unobstructed view of its surroundings.  Contour’s premium wood and woven fabric interiors provide an inviting resting place for your books, precious objects, or for charging your mobile devices with its integrated USB port. 


Revealing light,
rich interiors

Light with a ViewFully dimmable LED illumination captured within 
a remarkably slender aluminum frame that 
creates a window into your space. 
Utility in Every ScaleThree distinct sizes + endless finish options 
for table and floor applications 
Inviting InteriorsRich woven fabric or hardwood interiors 
to satisfy every discerning taste 

A Place for Your Belongings

Display your precious objects, books, or charge your mobile devices using the integrated USB port (table models only).