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A previously unseen world full of scope for variation. Design and build your very own "sofa landscape" with an enormous selection of corner, centre and chaise longue sections as well as several types of armrests, cushions and stools - and change your covers as often as you change your linen. Eilersen's flexible Dacapo sofa now offers an added dimension.

In Dacapo's world you can think in terms of width, depth and comfort. With a depth of 105 cm, Dacapo is the epitome of a luxurious "floating" and the sections are also available in several different widths. Build a "sofa landscape" from the sections or choose a stand-alone sofa. Dacapo features a double-layer, 100% down back cushion which makes "floating" and sitting comfort ideal. The selection of armrests is overwhelming and features three widths ranging from 20 to 40 cm. The seat boasts Eilersen's well-known down-top seat whose down-wrapped foam core provides springiness and ensures comfort.

Disassemble the sections by pulling a strap in the seat - without using tools - and pull the cover off like a bag. This makes cleaning very easy (following the fabric's care and maintenance instructions). At the same time you can easily alter the look of your sofa by changing the cover and colour according to fashion, interior décor, season or personal taste.