FRINGE COLLECTION (size and color options available)


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This design was inspired by women’s love of jewelry and the same essential final touch that a statement jewelry piece brings any outfit, this design will do the same for your home. This fixture literally draws in your sense of touch with its soft flowing jewelry chain.




Single “O” pendant: 24w x 20h, 8 x G9 60 watt


Optional Sizes:

Square pendant:

5.5w x 15h, 1 x GU10


Mini “O” Pendant:

6d x 13h, 1 x GU10


Graduated “O” pendant:


30w x 30h, 18 x G9, 50 watt


Square, pendant light:


24w x 24d x 20h, 8 x G9, 60 watt


Rectangular pendant:


48w x 12d x 20h, 8 x G9, 60 watt