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Orion was created because we have a weakness for cornucopia. We wanted to be able to match all needs and every taste. Orion flirts with your senses because it signals both heaviness and lightness. An interesting discord between the light framework with straight lines - and the large slanting armrest.

That Orion was named by one of our American cooperative partners tells the story of how it also has international appeal. The large, slanting armrest combines design and function. Over and above their grandiose expression, they invite you to some comfy reading in a semi reclined position - well supported by the comfortable foam seat with down top. At the same time the distinctive armrest means that the sofa can cope with an elongated set-up without breaking up the visual impact.

Orion is available as a 3-person sofa measuring 240 cm and as sections where you can build longer sofas with or without chaiselong. You can supplement your Orion with a stool that measures 100 x 60 cm, large down pillows that measure 55 x 65 cm, loose neck-roll pillows with down padding and armrest covers. The covers of both the pillows and neck-roll pillows have zippers so you can easily take them off and clean them. (Follow the fabric care and maintenance instructions).