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Eilersen has produced the answer to the ultimate sofa dream: A toy box that is so rich in content, that only your imagination sets the boundaries. The toy box is called RIG, and you can build into infinity. But RIG surprises, as it also is a small sofa.

"A mega diversity". That is how Jens Juul Eilersen describes the latest addition to the line of Eilersen sofas. The name is RIG and anyone who experiences RIG unfolding can see where the sofa has its name from: A solid rig with clean lines that seem to be both heavy and light at the same time, because the concealed legs make the whole entity float with a proud here-I-come attitude.

A stroke of architectural genius deceives the eye and indulges the body
"The whole secret behind RIG's style and unique comfort is that I have combined a high, slim back with a seat drop in the actual frame. The higher the back, the greater the seating comfort. But
a high back can steal the focus and make the sofa lose its optical balance. Which is why I have deceived the eye. My starting point is a back, which with its 66cm, is pretty high. In fact, it's a whole 5 cm higher than the other cousins RIG can be compared to in our sofa family. On the other hand, the back has been slimmed down to just 18 cm. I camouflaged the high back's optical weight with a horizontal seat, which makes the back and seat fuse together into a harmonious unity. A strong, built-in drop in the seat in the frame also ensures that you do not slide down the sofa, and combined with the frame's foam padding, the great seat depth and our renowned down top makes it uniquely comfortable to sit in with extremely good support in the lumbar and back area. So RIG keeps its shape, keeps you comfortable - and snuggles warmly around you with its soft down."